Create True Wealth and Grow Your Legacy

Creating wealth doesn’t mean that you need to make risky choices or bet everything against steep odds.

At Tera Investment Group, we help you build wealth through low-risk, high-growth commercial real estate investments in strong markets.

We personally vet every multifamily investment before it is opened up to our investors, to ensure it aligns with our standards and supports your investment goals.

Defining Real Estate Syndications

Real estate syndications are simply group investments. Rather than investing in a small rental property on your own, real estate syndications allow you to invest passively, as part of a team, without the hassles of being a landlord. Together, we invest in a large commercial asset, like an apartment community.

When you invest passively in a real estate syndication, you get to invest your money and let a professional team do the work for you. We find and manage the deals on your behalf while you maintain focus on your family. You get to enjoy the passive real estate income without becoming a landlord.

What Can Passive Investing Do For You?

…all without the hassles of being a landlord

Meet Natalie & Scott


We’ve had the privilege of seeing firsthand how real estate investments can create a legacy and provide security, especially after one’s time here has passed.

Together, we actively manage a personal real estate portfolio worth over $10 million.  We own over 600 units in California, Arizona, Georgia and Kansas, along with 2 short term rental/vacation homes in California and Arizona.

At Tera Investment Group, our purpose is to share our passion and help you build wealth, time and financial freedom through real estate investing. We aim to provide reliable and transparent investment experiences by building relationships founded on trust and integrity.


Why Invest With Us

Investors Come First

We always put our investors’ interests first and aim to add value every step of the way.

Honest and Trustworthy

We believe in open and transparent communication which instills trust and confidence in all our relationships.

Driven and Committed

We are hardworking, responsible and committed to achieving successful results.

Our Team

Natalie Teramoto, Esq.


Natalie is a Co-Founder at Tera Investment Group, where she is focused on acquisitions, financing, strategic direction, and asset management.

Natalie brings with her 20+ years of experience in real estate legal and leadership positions, including her background as in-house counsel for 17 years at First American Title Insurance Company, a Fortune 500 company.  As underwriting counsel for 5 years in the National Commercial Services Division, she was involved in the business operations and provided legal support to a team of underwriters for deal structures involving mezzanine loans, preferred equity, and pledged equity in connection with the acquisition, refinance and disposition of all types of commercial real estate.  For 12 years prior, she served as corporate claims counsel and managed complex real estate litigation and resolution strategies for corporate, escrow, financial, and real property disputes.  She is a champion for diversity, equity and inclusion and was a founding member of the company’s Asian Pacific Islander Employee Resource Group as well as a founding member of the National Commercial Services DEI Taskforce.

Natalie has an undergraduate degree in Sociology from University of California Los Angeles and earned her Juris Doctor from Chapman Law School. She is an active member of the American Bar Association, Business Law Section and the Financial Lawyers Conference. She is married to Scott, has two kids, and resides in Southern California. In her spare time, Natalie enjoys planning trips and spending time with her family.

Scott Teramoto


Scott is a Co-Founder at Tera Investment Group, where he is focused on market analysis, underwriting, and investor relations.

Scott brings with him 19+ years of experience in business development and account management, deriving from his extensive background as a senior consultant for a global supply chain leader in the packaging industry. He manages and cultivates a nationwide book of business ranging from growing start-ups to Fortune 500 companies that are seeking design development and effective packaging implementation strategies. In leveraging global strategic sourcing capabilities, he is able to provide value add solutions to customers thereby streamlining their packaging process and reducing operational costs. Scott brings his keen attention to detail and committed approach to service into real estate investing through building meaningful, long-lasting relationships and adding value every step of the way.

Scott has an undergraduate degree in Economics from University of California San Diego. Scott is married to Natalie, has two kids and resides in Southern California. He is an avid sports fan, actively involved in all his kids’ sports commitments and is a proud coach. Scott also enjoys going on each and every trip his wife plans and spending time with his family.

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